Raining Ovens…

Going for the award of the most ovens purchased in a six month time period!

We ended our second week in the baked goods business with success. We did 100 cakes (donundts and cake jars) in as little as three days. That was phenomenal! I had to start turning people away days in advance. I am truly thankful for this blessing as it was a prayer answered after months and months of researching and creating these recipes from scratch. After I had successfully pulled the last cake out of the oven, my oven decided to call it quits. Yep. Just stopped heating. 

Now many of you reading this would probably guess that my oven was probably old  and well loved. And let me shock you by saying…no. That is incorrect. It is my second brand new oven, since November, to fail on me. That makes oven number four. Two were used (June 2020 to September 2020) lasting about thirty days each and two were brand new, straight out of the shipping box. One of those brand new ovens only lasted ten days!

So to recap…

  • OVEN 1 (June to August) *certified used
  • OVEN 2 (August to September) *certified used
  • OVEN 3 (November to November) *new
  • OVEN 4 (January to February) *new

I now have to decide whether to bite the bullet and purchase a commercial oven or perhaps look into the reliability of some of these consumer brands and just choose a better option in regards to manufacturer as some of my customers have mentioned that the brands I have chosen for my new ovens were not the most ideal. 

So for the time being, Love & Cake is temporarily halting orders until the 2021 oven crisis is solved. 

If you have any suggestions on ovens or a solution, comment below OR message me! I am open to anything!

Loving and baking abundantly,


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