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The “love” part of our business is just as important as the delicious cakes. We enjoy and thrive to show love abundantly to others. The only way we saw this to be possible was to use a portion of each sale and put it aside each month so that God may use us as a vessel to bless another within our community. Some call this “Paying It Forward”, we call it “Loving On Others”. This business was built with the sole intention of bringing Glory to God, loving on others, and indulging on really…REALLY…good cake. 


When diagnosed with medical issues and morbid obesity, Maria (baker and owner) took to the kitchen to find a healthier alternative to the nutritionally void and flavorless cake options available on the market. If she had to eat healthier, she was going to find a way to include her favorite dessert into the new lifestyle. It took one year of studying the composition of ingredients, experimenting with ratios (in grams) of rice flours to starches to fiber powders, and taste testing failures to create  the PERFECT indulgent cake. Our Donundt cakes are not like any cake you have had. They are decadent, moist for days, and packed with flavor. They are more moist than a cake donut, lighter than a pound cake, and shaped like a mini bundt cake. 

Experience the richness and flavor of quality whole food ingredients such as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, Ceylon Cinnamon, and pure fruit powders. All non-GMO, 100% vegan, and completely Gluten free. These babies have gone through rigorous testing and mathematic analysis to provide a wow-factor like none other. It’s time to love cake again! 


FLOUR BLEND: our flour blend is unique to Love & Cake. We use a combination of rice flours, starches, fiber powders, protein powders, and fruit powders to create a cake that supersedes any in comparison out there on the market in regards to moisture retention, flavor, and texture. For flavor, our chosen ingredients are whole food, plant based. Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, pure raspberry juice powder, Italian espresso, and real bits of carrots are just some of the ingredients used in our cakes. 

The majority of our cakes and products are 100% nut free. Contact us to find out which ones are suitable for you. If you suffer from a severe nut allergy, please refrain from ordering through our bakery as cross contamination may be evident.


 We use 100% unrefined sweeteners such as coconut sugar, maple sugar, organic sugar cane, and evaporated cane juice. All retain their nutrients due to skipping the refining process. 


Having a son with food allergies, and knowing how hard it is to find an allergen safe space for food production, we decided at the end of 2020 to convert an area of our home into a dedicated bakery room. This room is specifically and solely for Love & Cake products. No gluten, dairy, or eggs will ever pass through this area and only select ingredients contain Soy (Select Sprinkles and Oreos). Nuts are present in select flavors.

We are NOT a walk-in bakery. Our space is available for those locally who wish to pick up their online order versus paying a fee for shipping.  


I grew up among a family of female bakers. As a child I would see home-made cassata cakes, cannolis, biscotti cookies, and various pies being made within my mother’s, aunt’s, and grandmother’s kitchens. After battling with some health issues and gaining and losing hundreds of pounds, I realized that my love for all things sweet had to be re-evaluated. I ditched the caloricly dense options, the cardboard flavors, and the dried-out textures to create my OWN style and version. After a year of hundreds upon hundreds of failed attempts within my kitchen, I came up with the perfect little cake. Allergy friendly so all could enjoy, nutrient dense, and shockingly flavorful and indulgent. My struggles with my weight will always be present, but now I can enjoy a treat without my body beating me up for it or suffering the consequences. My quest to have my cake and eat it too, quickly became a passion to share with the world. Every flavor I create, it is created with an amount of drive, passion, and love that is unparalleled. 

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