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When diagnosed with medical issues and morbid obesity, Maria (baker and owner) took to the kitchen to find a healthier alternative to the nutritionally void and flavorless cake options available on the market.  It took one year of studying the composition of ingredients, experimenting with ratios (in grams) of rice flours to starches to fiber powders, and taste testing failures to create  the PERFECT indulgent cake. Our Donundt cakes are not like any cake you have had. They are decadent, moist for days, and packed with flavor. They are more moist than a cake donut, lighter than a pound cake, and shaped like a mini bundt cake. 

Experience the richness and flavor of quality whole food ingredients such as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, Ceylon Cinnamon, and pure fruit powders. All non-GMO, 100% vegan, and completely Gluten free. These babies have gone through rigorous testing and mathematic analysis to provide a wow-factor like none other. It’s time to love cake again! 


FLOUR BLEND: our flour blend is unique to Love & Cake. We use a combination of rice flours, starches, fiber powders, protein powders, and fruit powders to create a cake that supersedes any in comparison out there on the market in regards to moisture retention, flavor, and texture. For flavor, our chosen ingredients are whole food, plant based. They are straight from the source. Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, pure raspberry juice powder, Italian espresso, and real bits of carrots are just some of the ingredients used in our cakes. 

The majority of our cakes and products are 100% nut free with the exception of the flavors which feature nuts in the description. There are NO hidden nuts or soy. The only ingredient that has soy is in the non-dairy butter used for our cinnamon/sugar topping, the sprinkles, and the Oreo cookies. Contact us to omit any of those add-ins to make your cake 100% soy free.


 We use 100% unrefined sweeteners such as coconut sugar, maple sugar, organic sugar cane, and evaporated cane juice. All retain their nutrients due to skipping the refining process. 

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