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Cake is amazing. It should elicit smiles and bring people together. It should be celebrated with and enjoyed over. This wasn’t the case though for those suffering from the inability to indulge on such a traditional treat. After being disappointed with the options available and refusing to accept the fate of losing her love affair for her favorite dessert, Maria Angela immediately got to work in her kitchen. After months of studying, researching, experimenting, and tasting, she found the “holy grail”. Her dedication and commitment to finding a solution made way for a cupcake that was not only moist, light, and fluffy, but it was AMAZINGLY decadent and flavorful! 

When you are buying from Love & Cake, you are assured that after hundreds of trials and errors, failed attempts, tears, and many prayers, you are getting the highest quality and most flavorful cake available. Every gram has been tested, experimented with, and tasted. Love, prayers, and an iron clad will to enjoy cake again was the driving force behind her recipes. 


 We use 100% unrefined sweeteners such as coconut sugar, maple syrup, maple sugar, and evaporated cane juice. All retain their nutrients due to skipping the refining process. 

For our keto line, we decided to use Allulose as our main sweetener. This sugar-free alternative resembles fructose without affecting blood sugar. It is diabetic friendly with little to no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. In small-scale studies, Allulose has shown to help improve insulin resistance. We love the taste and bake-ability of this sweetener and found it to be a perfect fit for our brand.


Hi! I am Maria, owner and baker of Love & Cake, a naturally sweetened, vegan, and gluten-free bakery based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, insulin resistance, infertility, and morbid obesity (400lbs), I realized I needed to make a drastic change. The healing I needed wouldn’t come out of a bottle and it was not going to be easy. Turning to God through prayer, I soon had my answer.

Through clean eating (WFPB), I lost over 150Ibs. I regained my zest for life, my energy, and a thinner waist-line. I beat infertility and learned to manage my symptoms of PCOS and pre-diabetes. I still have a ways to go but my journey thus far has taught me one very valuable thing…what you eat makes a HUGE difference.

So now my passion is to pass on my knowledge and love for healthy baking to others. To show everyone that indulging in amazing desserts and sweet treats can be done without the harm and neglect incurred physically and even mentally. My prayer for all of my customers is to love yourself fully, pray abundantly, and eat guiltlessly and what a better way to start then with one of my handmade cake jars or sweet treats!

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