Grand Opening!

How excited am I? Here I am on the eve of my grand opening just super excited and anxious for everyone to try these recipes that I have worked months on perfecting! Although these failed attempts were quite dissapointing, friends and family who were appointed as my testers were definitely not complaining. haha

Although the opening is tomorrow, the test kitchen is still up and running with new ideas and recipes to create. Stay tuned as I tackle some sugar free treat ideas and yummy fudge flavors!

1 thought on “Grand Opening!”

  1. I am so proud of you, Maria! You followed where God led you and boy is it turning out to be sweet! Although the journey has just begun with this endevour, I can only imagine how fruitful it will be as you continue to walk His path for you. I am so blessed to know you, work with you, and eat your deliciousness! Thank you for the sampling on your visit! I want to order everything on autoship LOL! I love you and pray you continue to share love with everything you create. XOXO

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