Rise & Shine

Ever grow tired of the same ol’ breakfast? Or do you long for something sweet that would go great with your cup of coffee or tea? This flavor pack is the perfect solution! These flavors were gathered together with your hot morning beverage in mind. Each flavor compliments the flavors of black tea or roasted coffee beans. Treat yourself in the morning with your choice of Nonna’s Biscotti, Raise A Hallelujah, Cinna-Rollin, or Italian Mambo cake. Or enjoy a bite of all four!


Available Sizes:

Four pack (4″ Cakes) | Twelve Pack (2.5″ Cakes)

Flavors included:

(1) Nonna’s Biscotti

(1) Cinna-Rollin

(1) Raise A Hallelujah

(1) Italian Mambo

Choose which size bundle pack you would like: (A) Four Pack or (B) Twelve Pack Minis




Decadent Donundt cakes with our handcrafted icing and glazes. Baked to order and shipped directly to your doorstep or available for local pickup. Our flours do not contain nuts and use a combination of rice flours, starches, fruit powders, fiber powders, protein powders, and fat powder.

  • Made in the USA: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Storage: If covered with cling wrap or in original packaging, our cakes are good for five days unrefrigerated. Refrigeration will dry out cakes faster. You may freeze your cakes in a well covered container or double saran warp completely, for up to two months. Allow to come to room temperature gradually for 2 to 3 hours.

Free Of: 

  • GMO's
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Gluten

Includes: Either standard or mini sized Donundts with optional greeting card. Choose between a pack of four of our standard sized 4" Donundt cakes or a pack of twelve of our 2.5" mini Donundt cakes.

Flavors Explained:

  • Cinna-Rollin (Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla bean cake, topped with vanilla icing and cinnamon/sugar crumble)
  • Raise A Hallelujah (Vanilla cake soaked in brandy and Italian espresso, topped with a creamy Italian espresso and brandy icing and crushed chocolate covered espresso beans)
  • Nonna's Biscotti (Italian almond flavored cake with almond icing and bits of almonds baked inside and sprinkled on top)
  • Italian Mambo (Italian vanilla cake packed full of pecans and coconut, topped with in-house made cream cheese icing and more pecans and coconut)


Amazing product from an amazing company! – Eden

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Bundle Size

(A) Four Pack – Standard, (B) Twelve Pack – Minis

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